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You can choose a web template from thematically focused web templates (company website, personal website, website for photographer, restaurant, doctor, etc.) or from individual graphic appearances that are not thematically focused (gray, dark, color web template), but you can create a thematically focused website on them as well. For both types of web templates, you can change their appearance (font, colors, etc.), structure (pages) and their content (images, videos, texts, etc.) On created website, ie also thematically focused ones, you can change the overall appearance of the web template at runtime, eg gray template for blue, etc, so when creating website you don't have to worry about what look of the web template you should choose, you can easily change it at any time. If you did not find the web template you are looking for, write us, if we can, we will create it. We prepare other web templates on an ongoing basis or on request.

Company template Select Show   multi version   video version   photo version Company, self-employed person (template for entrepreneurs, craftsmen, restaurants, athletes, etc, the gray look can be exchanged) Photographer template Select Show   multi version   video version   photo version Photographer, video creator, artist, illustrator, etc. (the template has a dark appearance, but it can be replaced with any other)
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